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More powerful than ambition and confidence combined, enthusiasm sees abundance in the present and knows that the journey is everything. With enthusiasm, every event is an occasion. As my 6-year-old cousin Illya once shouted at the dinner table, “Cheers to the party!” 


The best ideas are simple ones. Einstein: “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” Whether it's making concepts easier to understand or improving the accessibility of communication materials, I believe in removing barriers and making thoughts, ideas and information more accessible.


Curiosity is the engine behind creativity. Curiosity pushes us forward and makes sure we're always learning and experiencing new things. Life is a puzzle and I'm trying to locate every piece. 

Thomas King said it best: “The truth about stories is that’s all we are.” Every society is made entirely up of stories – it is our foundational way of thinking. And great stories have the power to  change lives. A story says, “me too!” to your experiences and makes you feel connected to something – a necessary tether in uncertain world. 


Artists and designers are never done cutting they're teeth. Honing a skill requires constant refining and sharpening. The recipe is experience + contemplation. This means reflecting on what’s worked and what hasn’t, figuring out how things can be done better, deciding what ideas to hold onto and what to throw away, and asking: who can I learn from next?