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Work Clothes, Arctic Sounds & Every Design Resource

+ Spruce up your work wardrobe with 83,000 FREE vintage patterns

+ And then keep em’ fresh with this DIY clothes spray

+ It's perfectly acceptable to drown out annoying coworkers with ambient arctic sounds

+ Summer cleaning: get rid of these things from your website right now.

+ This EXHAUSTIVE list of design resources is incredible.

+ Take a work break and taste the present moment

+ In case you forgot, here’s what the internet looked like in 1995

+ This miniature calendar from 2015 is a real treat. 

+ 17 sources of inspiration for your blog posts.  

+ Pick a card, any card (and learn something new about design).

+ Emoji search bar…because words are boring! 

+ These excel tricks will change your life.

+ I’m in love with this chair.

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