Mould Art

Green mould is most likely a fungus. Blue belongs to the penicillin genus. Pink, often found in bathrooms, is not a mould at all but a bacteria. I find mould frightening yet beautiful, and there’s something oddly satisfying about artistic versions of bacteria, moulds, fungi and microorganisms. I’m guessing these artists feel the same. (Those with trypophobia, beware.)

Adorable crocheted mould by Elin Thomas

Elin Thomas Mould Art

Textbook art from Biomedical Ephemera


The psychedelic, candy-filled mould of your dreams: Candy Paradise by Pip & Pop

Inspired by her microscopy courses, Karen Margolis, a neuropsychologist turned painter made these beautiful recreations of micropatterns.

Klari Reis has been making bacteria paintings that use petri dishes as canvases since 2009.