Flyleaf Graphic Design


Keychains, Stalkerware & Queer Eye

This month’s digital clippings (links to things that caught my eye):

  1. Check your computer for stalkerware with FlexiSpy, a non-profit website.
  2. In LOVE with these necklaces.
  3. The reboot of Queer Eye is actually really good.
  4. A keychain for every occasion. (these keychains are also nice.)
  5. Dieter Rams' principles of good design – in poster form.
  6. A customized morning adventure to kick start your day.
  7. The book that changed Warren Buffet’s life.
  8. A first aid kit to swoon over.
  9. Digital tools for illustrators.
  10. Fake Instagrams & the authentic online self.