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Humidifier Factory, Dwarf Bunnies & Why We Say "OK"

Humidifier Factory from the  MoMA Design Store

Humidifier Factory from the MoMA Design Store

This month’s digital clippings (links to things that caught my eye):

  1. Oof. I just learned who Alex Jones is. 

  2. Winter is coming and I need this humidifier factory.  

  3. Why we say “OK.”  

  4. Given the choice, would you opt out of food?

  5. This book is high on my wish list!

  6. Training your brain to see things differently.

  7. Looking for a new podcast? Check out this 6-part series on sound recording (I promise it’s not boring).

  8. A supermarket filled with 31,000 felt objects.

  9. Need some cheering up? Try googling “dwarf bunnies.”

  10. I WILL teach myself to quilt.

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